Licensing from state to state

If I receive the commercial property Inspection certification for Georgia and I move to Florida, do I need to retake the courses for Florida?

There is no licensed required in Florida for this.

Is there a licensure requirement for Commercial Property Inspectors in South Carolina?

"SECTION 40-26-20. Commercial inspectors must be licensed, registered, or certified; licenses for groups prohibited.

(A) No person may engage in or transact any commercial inspection business, or hold himself out to the public as a commercial inspector, or offer to engage in or transact any commercial inspection business in this State, unless the person is licensed, registered, or certified pursuant to Chapter 3 of this title"

They reference Chapter 3, but Chapter 3 is regarding something else entirely: Architects.

That is from the Building Codes Council. And the language and definitions are at best murky.
“all persons acting as a building code enforcement officer or contract inspector must be registered with the South Carolina Building Codes Council, before they may practice as a building code enforcement officer or contract inspector in SC. A contract inspector is defined as a person certified to perform a building inspection, other than a special inspection, in a construction trade discipline within a local jurisdiction on a contract basis.”

It specifies that an inspection performed “in a construction trade discipline” is the hurdle for licensure or certification. And I have not seen the definitions of certification or licensure.

“The S.C. Building Codes Council licenses building inspectors working for Code offices within the various jurisdictions. The Residential Builders Commission licenses home inspectors.”

I guess I answered my own question.