Commercial Inspection requirements Florida

Hi guys, I have been inspecting for many years but I’m new to Florida. Just got my HI license. I know Florida has its own SOP for home inspections. Anyone aware of a Florida SOP for Commercial property Inspections? Or separate licensing? I had a lady at DBPR tell me that commercial inspections require a full-blown Building Code Inspector license. Sounds fishy. What do you Florida guys know about this?

There is no Florida-specific SOP for inspecting commercial properties.

Dade and broward has a law and specific form called 40 year recertification.

Yes, but that is just for public safety issues.

Thanks for the input

Nothing needs for a commercial… I do the regularly.

yeah but if you do an inspection for someone, and they fail a 40 yr cert . after you do the inspection, then you are screwed. If you are going to do commercial inspections in Miami Dade or Broward counties, you better know what the Electrical and structural requirements are for the 40 yr. Trust me

also, a type 2/3 wind mitigation For a commercial building need to be performed by G.C, architect, engineer, Building Inspector. Just some things to keep in mind.

3 phase etc. for industrial equipment.

Possibly many electrical panels to look at.

I perform about 4 or 5 large commercial inspections per year in Florida. I try not to do any of the actual inspection work myself. I sub it out using a variety of experts (electricians, commercial roofers, etc), and compile it (in one report) much like a general contractor does when building a house. I basically manage everything.

And absolutely everything I need to do that is in

The nice thing about (other than everything you need being available) is that the Scope of Work form (I write it out in plain English) allows you and your client to pre-agree to whatever inspection services you are going to provide. You and your client decide first to whatever you two want to do. It’s completely pliable. I just did a bunch of airport hangars (I hired three separate contractors, one who installs airport hangars). If it works well for airport hangars, it works well for anything.


Sounds like a good plan:cool:

Does anyone know what the restrictions are for commercial inspections in Wisconsin? I believe we need a separate license.

Nope. Wisconsin doesn’t regulate commercial inspections.

Commercial inspections are generally B2B and so there is no consumer protection interest for a state to get involved.

What about apartment buildings? In Wis. our home inspector license says up to 4 units.

Depends. Up to 4 units in 1 building (residential) IRC or more than 4 units in 1 building (commercial) IBC.

There could be a complex of 40 units but only 4 units in 10 buildings. So not sure what Wisconsin licensing says on that.

I know this is an old thread but just wanted to confirm on this if you could please @gromicko. I have one of my insurance partners looking to do something like a 4-Point inspection for one of his large commercial insurance clients, 100+ commercial/medical facilities. I wanted to ensure that with a Home Inspectors License in the state of Florida that I can legally take on something like this. They are not looking for a full blown commercial inspection, just something similar to a residential 4-Point for the commercial buildings to find out about roof construction, covering, electrical, plumbing ect. He essentially said he is looking for the basics, FPE panels, roof construction type/age, plumbing type/age, water heater type/age, vac ect.

Is this something I can legally take on?
I also plan on speaking with insurance provider to ensure I am covered for this work as well. Thank you!

Yes, you can.


Thank you very much for confirming and for the quick response.