Licensing laws

Thanks Tom

The head MAR lobbyist stated to some of us Missouri inspectors that the only reason the Realtors want inspectors licensed because of the liability.
What that lobbyist was really saying is, the Missouri Association of Realtors wants to grandfather all of their pet uncertified inspectors in, and make them creditable; so when these inspectors miss defects, the Realtors can just point to the law and say it was not their fault for referring them, because these inspectors are licensed. The Missouri Housing Development Commission has already recommended that only certified home inspectors from NACHI, ASHI and NAHI be used when buying a home. Since most Realtors ignore what the State says, these Realtors can be held liable for referring an uncertified inspector…

Has anyone had any negative dealings with the governing body? Why?

Thanks James

No, but I’ve heard of inspectors and realtors being called in before their respective boards for issues/complaints etc.

So the boards have real “teeth”, they can sanction, fine or I assume suspend your license.

Some states share a board