Colorado Licensing

Whats the scoop on the home inspector licensing front in Colorado?

We’re working with the legislators on a second Bill.

Have you worked to kill it??

What did the 1st Bill say that was bad for HI’s?

Yes, we killed the first one. It failed to grandfather all CMIs.

Have you fought it?? We’ve successfully fought off the Missouri Licensing attempts since 2002. Took a little work, but its been very fufilling.

Why is licensing of home inspectors, or CMI’s, needed?

If home builders, tradesmen, repair persons of all trades, workers replacing roofs, sheet rock, etc. all are not, why should we?

I have never got a straight answer from anyone.

That is due to there being no place for logic in politics. :blank:

An out-of-state (Carpetbagger) mini-association with less than 1/10 the members InterNACHI has in Colorado, keeps telling legislators here that licensing is needed to protect consumers.

Protect consumers from what?

OK, let’s license people to operate lawn mowers. Let’s license people to ride bicycles. Let’s license people to get licenses.

When will this political garbage end?

I am voting for every lawmaker who is NOT in office. That is real change.

Nick … I knew that ASHI used to push that in Colorado BUT I didn’t even think ASHI had an active chapter in Denver anymore. Has it been resurrected or what??

They still have about 8 members left. Most have joined InterNACHI.

Hmmm…I think I will have to stay up-to-date on this subject. I am a returning vet from overseas and will be attending CSU for Construction Management and hopefully getting some experience in inspections.

Does anyone have any new info as to the status and scope of licensing requirements? i.e. need separate licensing for ancillary services like Radon Testing? specific report format requirements? and the fees for testing and licensing?

License will only cover home inspection, not ancillary inspections.
No required reporting format.
Fees will be in the few hundred dollar range.

Oh, now I understand. I is all about the state getting more revenue. Too much smoke in your area.

Yep, that’s why most states have no problem legalizing their killer drug (alcohol). They get revenue from it. It’s also why they oppose safer competing recreational drugs like weed, that you can’t overdose on.

Also true for other vices like gambling. The states legalize casinos and even operate lotteries because they get revenue from it, while at the same time complain that gambling is immoral and so they go after your local bookie who has a higher pay out but is in competition with the state.

It disgusts me to watch a police officer buy a lottery ticket or drink beer (even off duty) and then go out and harass taxpayers. Hypocrites.

Also true for public schools systems that cost we taxpayers about double what a private school costs per child.