Licensing question

If tradesman, home inspectors, auto mechanics etc all need licensing with oversite by the province…why don’t provincial politicians need licensing to manage the province??

Think about all the arguments they put forth about protecting the consumer, improving the product etc. (none of which has any basis in reality based on other regions who have adopted minimum licensing standards) then look at their recent actions and ask yourself–would we have been protected from the hundreds of millions of dollars being bilked from the consumer by the current administration if those in charge had some training and oversite on how to manage construction contracts or properly handle public consultations??

The hypocrisy of this whole cash grab (and it will be a cash grab–mark my words there will be an annual enrollment or administration fee in there payable to the province) makes my skin crawl. They have stolen more from the “consumer” in one term than we as home inspectors could ever steal in a lifetime-- even if a majority were half blind and poorly trained (and that is certainly not true)

Yet, at the end of the day, we are the ones that need a license…:roll:

Tonight on CBC TV will make you wonder why the government ignores movers who have many complaints and goes after Home Inspectors who have few complaints .
It is obvious a lot of movers are scamming the public big time .
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Our USA Fiends will be able to see the show in a few days via the Internet

Thanks Roy I hope they continue to go for all the different companies ripping people off, left, right and center. Same thing happening here also and not a squat thing you can do about it.

Stuart, your point is valid as is Roy’s. After all the meetings have played out and to the best of my knowledge, the findings are going to go to the public with recommendations being set forth. These recommendations may or may not be adopted.
All associations are trying hard to define what we can all live with and still make a meager profit without getting hosed down on any given inspection.
As far as I know the rights and concerns of home inspectors are very much being taken into account as well …we will see! The object is to get rid of the cowboys out there, not the guys who are really doing a good job. JMHO

But the cowboy hat and boots are part of my gimmick!!! Lol

Timothy he will have to be careful about that statement around any ranch.
Seems to me that I have** herd **that statement somewhere before by some other guy who does restovations. LOL

No horse?

What are your thoughts about and estimated $600 to a $1000 per year for administering/licensing fee? Don’t bother I think I know the answer!

The question is - “if there is a one government delegated administrative agency” handling the licensing, testing, professional practices (complaints); that is what inspectors may be facing. Of course don’t forget mandatory insurance and GLC coverage and accountability to that authority.

Currently licensing in BC still recognizes 4 inspection bodies, and recognizes their certification process. That is under a self-regulatory model.

So the other question is - do you prefer self-regulation or a government controlled regulation regime?

Just a bit of food for thought…

I will pass on another thought , what is in licensing for the home inspector? Should be a little more than giving us the opportunity to make more payments to the insurance companies and the government, I guess every penny counts needing to pay the 1.2 bill for the gas plant .
If we all then have to follow an agreed on sop for instance how about including in the sop, so there is no question on the consumer or realtors part, that all cancellations without 24 hours notice are due in full. I know it doesn’t happen very often but when it does an inspector is usually out a days pay.
After all the realtor collects a deposit on realestate offers for a reason, costs are covered if a buyer defaults without cause once the offer is accepted.

Reason the consulting firm has stepped in is because self regulation is not working. Question is will the Government do any better?
Good example is you can by a car the has what they call a Certification check and good for the road. It can be leaking oil and falling apart but as long as it meets a minimum standard of the mechanical it is passed.
If the same route is taken for Licensing of Home Inspectors than what is put in place will mean nothing to the public.
That is why I hope they go a little higher and make it just out of reach for those that just want to fly by the seat of there pants.
Anywhere between 225 and 300 hours training of an approved Association along with mentoring and proven Inspection background.

Guys,I don’t chime in much here but I can offer a few points.
I’m totally against the whole licensing as it will do nothing other than offer a license to pull if complaints are issued. And the offending inspector will be out of business or operate under the table for $200 per inspection.
Having said that,I know two licensed mechanics that offer mail order safety checks for $200. I’ve seen work by licensed plumbers,electricians,gas fitters,carpenters etc that was less than amateur you need a license to drive a taxi or a transport, anyone been on the 401 lately? Nice to know that the guy issuing the license has never actually been a truckdriver isn’t it? I see an extra $2000 a year out of my pocket for absolutely nothing. Helps me none and helps the home buyer none.
Plus, when was it ever proven that when government gets involved with anything did it get better? They do most things poorly and the rest terribly.

Licencing will not stop errors, or bad inspections or oversights. Disgruntled client will still have to sue for satisfaction or take chance with licencing board to act.

Government cannot arbitrarily pull a licence as you are entitled to hear the evidence and respond. Only after a hearing can your licence be revoked or suspended if you are found negligent. Even then there would most likely be an appeal process should the inspector not like the outcome.

So whats changed? The only thing that will change is you will have to have E&O and pay a licencing fee.

Again no one can provide any info as to who the ‘cowboys’ are. It sure appears that the cowboys are those who are currently members of the two oldest associations, CAHPI and OAHI! Case law proves it. I have yet to find a Nachi member mentioned in any case law.

And you can take that to the bank!

That is interesting seeing as it looks like NACHI has many more Canadian members then CAHPI .

Could our insurance rates skyrocket when it becomes mandatory? Just like car and home insurance they can charge whatever they happen to feel like. I trust insurance companies like I trust government. Lol

The days of cheap insurance are over. Higher premiums and/or more restrictions on coverage(s).

Hopefully all the licencing efforts will fall by the way side if there is a spring election. Time to get rid of the smugness and lies and corruption of the Liberals.

E-health scandal = $1 billion
Air Orange scandal = $1 billion
Power plant cancellation in order to save 5 seats at last election = $1.1 billion
$14 Billion dollar deficit.
Plus, plus, plus.

Liberals will continue to tax and spend instead of taking the high road and cut expenses.

Charles, Insurance Companies in Ontario are regulated by several statutes, and as such they can’t charge whatever they like. Any rate changes have to be approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.
Mandatory insurance for HI’s is still being discussed with the Ministry of Consumer Services meetings, and the premiums will be dependent on what minimum level of coverage is legislated as being mandatory.

Recent 22-30% premium increases, - across the board irrespective of experience - by one insurance carrier whose agent is Hub International Oakville, seems to contradict your determination, Chris. Meanwhile, a Quebec based Inspector Association, AIBQ (Cahpi Quebec) inks a ‘‘super deal’’ with Hub International Toronto - *even if they had a bad prior claims experience with another carrier *- AND their premiums are the lowest in the country!

Go figure!!

Good point G and we are collectively exploiting HUB fees as they are not consistent with other associations and they have been queried to that effect. We are trying to get the best rates for ontarioachi/internachi members. HUB now knows that we have options.It is the same as we need from our government officials … accountability.

I wish it was that cut-and-dry. Unfortunately the 2 most unethical inspectors in this city are InterNACHI members (joined in the last year or two) Neither have an ounce of building experience. Both are retired from completely unrelated industries and are supplimenting their income by inspecting. They have a horrible reputation with clients, but can’t keep up with the Realtor referrals that stream in. They both do the inspection in less than an hour on average and charge some of the highest fees in the city. How anyone can inspect a home with the roof, basement, electrical, appliances, foundation, etc. in that timeframe is dumbfounding. Neither of them walk roofs. E & O insurance and Realtor protection keeps them in business. Agents want these guys to stay in business and hve told angry clients that “You can’t sue a Home Inspector. It’s just a visual inspection”. Nearly every complaint I’ve heard of have come from unsuspecting first-time buyers. I hear it all the time. When I book, I ask if anyone had referred me. They tell me their agent referred them to their inspector but they had a friend/family member/co-worker that used them and told them to look for someone else.

I don’t consider these guys my competition. I stay very busy as it is with the contracts we have plus everyday phone bookings. I never worry when a past client calls. They usually need a question answered or are looking for a trusted tradesman to refer to.

I’ll let them have it all, because in 10 years I’ll still be in business and will have kept every dollar from my inspections instead of losing it all to make a “fast buck”. One of these inspectors in particular is in the mix of a messy lawsuit and public scrutiny. But hey, they both passed the AHIT Canada open book online exam. :roll:

Remove the Agent from the Inspection—Protect the Consumer.

It’s that simple. Your region may differ.