Life Expectancy of a Sink Disposal Unit

Life expectancy is 12-14 years for a food disposal.
Mine let go today.

Age= 23 years
Type- Insinkerator

Bought another just like it, but now they are called Badger 5.

Oh, drum trap still working fine. :):wink:

Looks like you have not been putting enough spoons down the drain … Roy

Couple of times, but got it out before it did damage.

Bearing or gear let go, motor turns, but the grinder jumps and does not turn much.
$4.00 a year to own that one. :slight_smile:

I must have had a good one. :wink:

How Does it grind up those lobster claws

Eat out for those. ;):slight_smile:

LOL well there you go.

The better question is… how long will the new disposal last?

It would seem the casing loses the war rather quickly on the newer units.

Will last like half of the other one that just failed.

Just like my old computer, ran 11 years non stop and never shut off.
My new one is out for repairs today and the old one was taken out of the cobb webs and still working, just obsolete, that’s all. When I bought the new one, they told me I would be doing good with 5 years. :):wink:

Depends how much you use/abuse it. Use it as a “wood chipper” short lifespan. Use it like you use a regular drain, last a long time.

In my case normal use of once aday and not abused. :slight_smile: