InterNACHI releases new Life Expectancy Chart.

Thanks Nick, good reference to give to a client as part of my reports.

Under Appliances, Dishwashers is listed twice; once with a 9 year expectancy and the other with a 10 year expectancy.

Also no EPDM reference under roofing.

Andrew, that is because one is a Sears and the other a Maytag. :twisted::wink:

Neither is TPO and BUR as with many others.
Damn you guys are fussy. :mrgreen:;):):smiley:

Check now

Really? Check now.

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By the way…

Nick has hired each of us at the office our own temp to use and abuse. So be expecting a whole lot more projects from InterNACHI over the winter.

Nice work Rob. Thanks for everything you do for the Members.
Well appreciated here. :slight_smile:

How about adding a life expectancy for various foundation perimeter drainage piping…

Vinyl windows missing also.

I’m shipping all that are contributing a bunch of cool free stuff. Thanks so much for helping.

Residential boilers have a life expectancy of 25-30 years and often much longer if it has a cast iron heat exchanger.

A few more items here that could be added;

Laminate countertops

Hollow core interior doors
Solid core interior doors
Folding and bi-fold doors
Smoke Detectors
Metal Roofs
Wood Gutters
Composite decks
Pressure treated lumber decks


Here are the ones I do not agree with:

Cast Iron waste - should be listed as above ground 60+ and underground 50 to 60.

Laminated veneer lumber - This is indoor material and should last 80+ or 100+

OSB should be much higher if not subjected to water 80+

Asphalt roof shingles - many quality choices are available, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 40, 45 year shingles I would list this as 75 to 125 percent of the original warranty rating depending on environment.

Underground PVC - this would be much higher like 80+

Some of the 100+ year items (cabinets/doors, showerheads, toilets etc) are dependant on use. I’m sure we’ve all seen them that didn’t make it to 100. :wink:

Perhaps for items that we physically open, close or otherwise affect daily, there should be some type of disclaimer.

Hate to have a client call in 10 years wanting a new toilet because his only lasted 30 years.

I agree Rick, these life expectancies are estimates that can vary with use, geographic area, use, abuse, and conditions that could affect it’s normal use.

Therefore the title; InterNACHI’s life expectancy chart

should be more fitting to read;
InterNACHI’s Estimated Expectancy Chart


How about the life expectancy of home inspectors???

2 to 4 years :):wink:

I see an electric range listed but no gas range?
I see a dryer listed but no washing machine?
How about attic fans?

I see you also added EPDM.
Thank You