Light Switch in Panel

A 20 amp breaker in the sub panel at garage is being used as the switch for the garage lights.

There is no light switch for the garage lights.

How would you call this out?


I think some,not all breakers can be used as a switch .
Depends what make the panel is.

Square D Panel

Not sure if all SQ D Breakers can be used as switches .
I think those that have swd on them are approved…( [FONT=Helvetica][size=1]SWD (switching duty) rated.[/size][/FONT] )

Building standards require one wall switched controlled lighting outlet for garages. Recommend qualified electrician to install.

If you need source… NEC 270.70A2


Sorry… That’s 210.70a2

Great. Thank you guys!

Thanks Jeff my back ground is all heavy Industrial.
never wired a home and been out of the trade for many years .