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Aloha Everyone,

Back links are important to our websites so I’m looking for linking partners to add to my links page. I’ll add you if you add me we are all NACHI inspectors and its getting really important to have quality partners. Email me with what you want linked and your logo and add you and respond with what I want on yours.

Thanks In advance


Nope… sorry… I’m out. I would never knowingly participate in a “link exchange” with someone utilizing the format you do…

I use link exchanges to drive business leads. Not just SEO, but from LIVE human beings. I do a fair amount of work with out-of-state clients. Your format if one of the worst possible methods for lead generation from LIVE individuals… not to mention other potential search engine risks.

Good luck!

You really did not need to make those comments. You could have just passed my post by.

Thanks Jeff

Yes, I could have, and what if I did just “ignore” what I (and many others) would deem an issue with your website, just how does that help you? You would be scratching your arse wondering why nobody wants to “link-up” with you.

So, consider this… I am known to make inspectors THINK and RESEARCH for their answers. (See my signature below). I DO NOT normally spoon feed the babies that want it all handed to them. If you want to be a professional inspector… you damn well are going to earn the right with your own hard work… just like I and all the other veteran inspectors did! I gave you useful direction for your query. If you’re smart, you will research to find out what and why the hell I posted what I did.

If you can’t handle that… place me on ignore!

Hell, do it anyway. I don’t have time for whiney babies!

You’re welcome.

Funny I remember once I said to you, thanks for making me think

Thanks Jeff !!!


And look where you are today, after you made the decision to think for yourself. All the kudos go to yourself!

(And thanks for proving Obumer wrong)!!! :wink:

Absolutely Jim. Just trying to help in my own special way! :razz:

And very special you are…:twisted::twisted::twisted: