Link exchange

Hey Guys Dom got my new web page live last evening and I sure would appreciate some links I still have a lot of tweaking to do on the page but the basic page is up and live Yahoo my first attempt at doing anything like this I am not a computer savvy person I struggle.

David Valley I have your sites linked here Thank you
David Andersen I have you linked here Thank you
Duffy I have three of your sites linked here Thank you

Charley, you have too many “http//” in your links.


Thanks Larry I was copy/paste not paying attention to details I will get that corrected.

Charlie, before you get too far along with your links…
If the person requesting doesn’t provide you with the information, you should make up something to go along with the URL you are linking with. This will improve the value of the link considerably, though it takes some time which you don’t have while you’re building your site! However it will save you from doing it later.

My procedure:

Select ; add a link in your admin section.
Title: paste link company name
Link URL: paste the web address
Body: “provides home inspection or infrared services in the Nashville, TN area”
links:select the state they’re from
meta-tag: keywords: “home inspector,infrared thermographer, Nashville, TN”
description: home inspector conducting home inspections and thermal imaging scans in the Nashville, TN area.

You can get most of this information from their signature block on the nachi board if they don’t provide it to you.

Thanks Dave you have mail

SOB sometimes I can be dumber than a fence post I have my editing problem straight now Duh figured it out while on the throne I now can add all links

Your linked!

Dave I just linked your IR page here I like the name of your site good SEO

We added you to our links at:](

Please add our site:

Greater Atlanta Home and Commercial Inspections]( - Advantage Inspection Peachtree

Thanks so much!
Nicole Walters
Office manager/web

Do reciprocal links need to be on a page linked to your home page or accessible from a menu? Or, can a list of reciprocal links be on a normal html page that simply resides in the website’s root directory?

Charlie, FYI you are missing a “y” on technology in your footer. Nice site!!