Lint found at Water Heater Vent

I saw some lint on the water heater vent at this location. Can someone tell me if this should be called out and what is the issue? Thanks.

It looks like dust and animal hair e.g. cat, dog, etc., to me.

It should be cleaned for fire safety. IMHO


Thank you Larry

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Was there a dryer nearby?

Larry nailed it. :+1: Not all dust looks like powder. Hence the term"dust bunnies". It’s all over everything. … Fire hazard.

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Larry’s The Best!

Observation: 1: Clumps of atmospheric lint and dust on the rim of the gas fired water heater heat exchanger flue, below the atmospheric vent. 2: Deformed, Melted plastic hot and cold water water heater cabinet pipe bushings.
Recommend: A licensed plumbing contractor clean and service the gas fired water heater and insure natural drafting is unimpeded immediately.
Limitation: Not included as part of a buildings plumbing inspection. Non or impeded accessible interiors/exteriors of visible vent systems, flues, and chimneys.

I would be more concerned with the melted plastic covers (backdraft?) than the dust. Recommend servicing (which should include cleaning) by a qualified contractor, that is all, it’s not the end of the world :slight_smile: