Loan officers don't want Home Inspections

Realtor mentioned to me that " the loan officer for the client said they needed to go for a 2 month closing on the house if they wanted an inspection. I wanted the agents to be aware that loan officers may be putting this idea in the clients minds, which is not good for sooooo many reasons. "
Can you believe this? Trying to discourage the client from using us! That makes me Hot!!!

My Loan Officer always reccomends a home inspection. hmmmmmm

Nice job Brian, This was the first HI that I have done for this realtor, went well everybody happy. That’s all we need though, another possible hiccup, I hope it is an isolated case…I’d like to know who and why they would say this.

Since when does a “loan officer” have any influence over the decision to have a home inspected?

Any loan officer making this type of suggestion in my area would be out of business in short order. . .

I do not thinks so . sounds like the Agent was using this as an excuse to not have a home Inspection .
One of the biggest Loan officer recommends us regularly. … Cookie

When I was marketing this area and introduced myself as a HI, I was very well received by this individual and said I would be quite busy from their office alone…I don’t think it’s the realtor.

I was told that also in this area when I first started. I found that quite a bit, but not so much anymore.

Gaff him off Gerald there is one goose in every flock.

I get a substantial amount of business from two lenders in my area they always recommend a Home inspection don’t require it but do recommend.

One of the VP’s that I like real well asked me to travel a 100 miles to inspect his daughters prospective home and I did. Saved her from buying a crap hole. The VP thinks the sun rises and sets in my rear end and I did not bother to tell him other wise:) They provide me with ball caps that I always wear to my inspections with their logo:D

Right on Charley, one in every flock glad it’s not the norm. If I find out who it is, I will make it a point to drop by. Might even market to him or her directly, tell them I heard that some loan officer’s are discouraging home inspections…ask him what he or she thinks about that.

Do you guys market to lenders/mortgage brokers as often or as much as you would to the realtors? My first couple of inspections came on referals from a mortgage broker that gave a realtor my name but nothing since. I have not yet gone into the lending side of this but I will if it works.

Yes and Yes

I don’t just market to them I build a relationship. I try to keep my name on their mind by sending them business what goes around comes around.:slight_smile:

I agree…sounds like an agent putting blame somewhere else. I’ve never had a loan officer not request one. If anything they have promoted inspections 10x over an agent.

Sounds fishy to me.

I’ve heard that line before. In most cases your told what “you” would like to hear. Truth be known you might never see or hear from that office again.

It happens…

Don’t know how much influence they have now but if mortgage companies were to require homes to be inspected before lending the money, we could be on our way to having them provide referrals instead of Realtors.