Local Florida Chapter

Hi Guys,

I would really like to attend some local InterNACHI chapter meetings, or other inspector related organization meetings in the South Florida area. Would anyone out there know of any? I appreciate any info.



There is a meeting the 2nd tueday of every month that I go to down in Ft Lauderdale. The cost is $20 for a non member and they have different speakers each month. If you want dinner, you buy it. Mettings start at 7pm. Most people show up at 6:30 for check in. There are anywhere from 30-50 inspectors that attend each month. Last month we had an electrical contracotr. A couple of months ago we had a talk on pool safety. The association is called the Home Inspectors association of south florida

Thanks for the info, I’ll join up. See ya there.

What are the requirements for being a member? What is the cost if any if you are a member? Is the meeting in the same place each time if so what is the name of the place?

Mike - I have invited you to these before. We meet at Tropical Acres. Membership is $75. Meetings are $10 for members and $20 for non members. All inspectors, members or not, are welcome. Only extra cost is the good you buy. Meetings last about two hours. We gave great speakers. Want more information calle

Thanks Bill I was wondering if it was the same or different he said it was “The association is called the Home Inspectors association of south florida”

I thought yours were fabi. Just curious thats all. I am stuck here for a few days as they finally get started on the noise mitigation :slight_smile:

It’s the old Gulfstream ASHI chapter. We change the name but still have the meetings. Each monthly average anywhere from 30 to 60 inspectors to come down. It’s open to all inspectors. We have the FABI , ASHI, NAHI and INACHI inspectors that attend, Plus inspectors that do not belong to any associations

Invite me down to do a talk on marketing.

Hiya Nick,

Bring you CMI plaques. I want a pic with one.

Is there one CMI that will step up to the plate for InterNACHI and lead a south Florida InterNACHI chapter?

Dave, you should. www.nachi.org/form I’ll come down. Ben will also do a show. Honestly, I can pack the place. I’m not claiming that I deserve a big audience, I’m just saying that I’ll pull one in for you. Instant chapter.

I’m going to read over the “Form your own InterNACHI chapter” and “Financial Loss Protection For Event Hosts” forms over the weekend. I will definitely kick around the idea.


We do not focus on sales and marketing. We are about substance and techincal issues that deal with the profession to help everyone become a better inspector. But thanks for the offer.

The Tuesday meetings are usually packed and they have had to expand the room many times to accommodate. Many FABI members including Board members and past/present presidents, like Jeff Hooper, attend the meetings. Jeff is the best inspector in the business, his knowledge and expertise is unmatched.

The presenters tend to be technical and specific to a type of construction, although I’m not part of the process of choosing presenters and that is based off of past experience. If the presentation was marketing based…I would not attend as I’m not a realtor based inspector. My inspections start at 3-4 times what others charge and my client base is mostly attorneys and lawyers with a few mortgage brokers.

My marketing presentation is nearly all about building a referral business (outside of real estate agents) that causes your phone to ring so much that you are forced to raise your prices.

If you are a technically strong inspector you have a moral duty to tell as many people about your inspection services as possible, so that more and more people in your town can hire you and benefit from your good works. I’ve seen so many technically proficient inspectors go out of business because they failed at marketing. What a waste. It is unethical for technically proficient home inspectors to not become equally proficient in marketing.

Just because you say something and you hear the words come out of your mouth, doesn’t make it fact…

Didn’t we have this discussion a few weeks back in relation to your “free CEU’s to realtors that are referred by their inspector”?

…Nick preaching morals…I just threw-up a little in my mouth…