Here you go John if you want a good laugh check this out.:twisted:

Although as a texican you might not get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are both fuchin idiots, who will screw this country up worse than it is now. Be prepared for one hell of a ride.

I can’t believe the American people voted for two of the worst candidates that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

Why not the same American people that believe youtube is the #1 source for factual information are the ones that voted.

I too am also saddened by the dumbing down of our society and the media that report back to them or should I say guides them to slaughter

NOW is the time to write in a real candidate, reminds me of a Country Joetune and an attitude of years ago

Tell us how you really feel. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t agree more.

I agree, don’t sugar coat it!!:smiley:


It just pisses me off to know that we are going to have the worst president ever sitting in office.

You think Nixon, Clinton and Bush was fuched up? Wait till one of these dork’s take over.

We now have Obama as a presidential candidate, and it’s too late. Why? The American people voted for his inexperience, his liberalism, his elitism, his verbal gaffes, and his flip-flops on a variety of policy positions. I guess the American people really need to take a look who they voted in.

Then we’ve got McCain the robot. He’s is a self-serving fake who would sacrifice whatever is dearest to him (to include his family) to advance his unpricipled political career? He’s useless.

An uncertain Presidency is what we have in our hands and may the best idiot WIN.

What concerns me the most is that you do understand what was said
in this video. …:mrgreen: LOL… that one was some blooper… wow.

Hi David,

Your opinion is noted. My advice too you is choose a side and support your choice.

Do not sit out crying over the which choices you have. Pick a side and make the best of it.

I personally liked McCain from the start. At least he does have a solid war record and can be a Commander in Chief.

Obama on the other hand well I said with Jesse,

I think you mean **“solid”…**don’t you??

Well I guess I screwed that up.