Now give this a look...

Boy you sure pick some expert speakers to present to us.

Mr.T and Michelle say “Thats right sucka”:wink:

Other than the Repugnantcan Party / McCain endorsement …


Talk about gutter politics, I’m thinking everyone should paint a red ‘M’ on our cheek all day Monday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian Williams: McCain Campaign Spread ‘B’ Hoax To Reporters

It is Zo’s personal opinion…and that is all it is.

But I knew you’d be responding as you have and try to deny the man his right to his opinion.

And you merely served to prove him right in what he was saying.

FWIW, any continued response that condemns Zo (or me) for an opinion only further serves to prove his point.

So bring it on…suckas!!!

No posting while drinking, got it! :twisted:

I thank you for kind opnion. It’s yours and you’re welcome to it.

Fortunately, I do not have to care for, nor attend to, your opinion.

For the racists and bigots who are certain to be enraged and appalled by the announcement of Obama’s victory on a week from this coming Tuesday…I am not sure whether to laugh, hysterically, or mourn for them.