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Hi! Everyone;

First of all let me thank those who attended last nights meeting. Jim did a great job filling in for our last minute cancelled speaker. Also at the meeting we discus two things #1 NACHI has given us our own LInachi.org

Web site which is going to help our members who participate in our meetings and other NACHI endeavors. So come on!! get involved in your chapter, it can only help you. #2 NACHI will also give us a add in the yellow pages but we have to set up the page. Bill Smith has taken on the task of trying to put this together for us. But again I have to tell you, just like the web site you have to participate to be in the game, support your chapter by going to the meetings and contacting Jim or I so we know you are still around.

OK–Our next meeting is on the 19th of MAY same place 56th F/G Farmingdale LI NY.

Our speaker for the evening will be Kevin Obrian on HVAC. Kevin I understand teaches HVAC so it should be interesting since the A/C

season will be apon us very soon.

Again I must say I was disappointed in the turnout last night,as everyone

nows it takes time and energy to put these meetings together which Jim and I don’t mind doing to help fellow inspectors but we have to have more people attending to make us feel that it is worthwhile doing.

Also if anyone has any ideas how to better our meetings PLEASE let

Jim or I now your thoughts and we can talk about at the meetings.

OK enough for now, I will have a update in about 2 weeks so start to

RSVP Jim or I as soon as possible. Hope to see you on the 19th of MAY

Regards Len