Look at this POS!

This is probably the worst cement patch I have ever seen in my life…think the h/o did it? I am mentioning in my report that the patch is not professional…whose feelings do you think I will hurt? :wink:

1413Sanderson 002.jpg

Man…you a magnet for screwed up property.

Yes…I’m getting broken in well by this young realtor who probably doesn’t have the guts to tell her clients that the homes they are looking at, while quaint and old…are also sh*t. I don’t think she recognizes this fact…and she’s killing me. This house was only 1600 square feet but I took 102 pics and it took me 31/2 hours…and I still felt like I hadn’t checked it thorougly enough…

Sad part: My client didn’t attend.

POS, but not a “Significant Issue” in my view (it doesn’t affect the habilitiy of the dwelling).

No not a big deal as far as habitability…but…he should know that he will need a new cement driveway soon. Folks w/out a construction background might see this cement work and thing “wow, new driveway…excellent!” That is not the case as we know…That cement was so soft and it will spall immediately…the entire driveway was a spiderweb of cracks…makes me wonder why the h/o just did this patch and not the rest.

Agreed. But a cement driveway isn’t required. It’s better than dirt, which is what I see often. My reports have a Summary of Significant Issues at the beginning, and this wouldn’t be in it. The things you mentioned, I would certainly note in the report body.

That is what I planned…

P.S -It’s not called cement. It’s concrete.

How much ya wanna bet it’s not 4" thick with wire mesh ?

I wouldn’t touch that bet w/ a 10 foot pole…unless I’m betting its NOT.

It looked like it was troweled with piece of 1 by…oh well, the realtor probably recommended he fix the driveway prior to listing and so that is what he did.

It would be in my summary report. Unless I specifically disclaim an item and it is on the property, I inspect it. If I determine it is not correct than I defect it.
I do not want the phone call next winter asking for a new driveway.
That’s me Inspect it & Defect it.

It would be a Significant Issue for a buyer from out of town who never saw the property in person…I’ll Bet…:shock: …those listing pictures generally look half way decent.

It would also be a significant issue in the report if the buyer wanted to pay five thousand dollars to have a driveway which looked half way presentable.

If I was the buyer, and the driveway looked like that…I would want five grand off the price of the property…without a question.

So shoe molding without paint would also be in your Summary as a significant issue? How about a quarter size hole in the sheetrock of a 30 year old house???

Pretty much everything we note is a defect. I would note it also. But does it meet the definition of “Significant”? The question is (for me and my state): whether “the system or components do not function as intended, adversely affects the habitability of the dwelling, or appear to warrant further investigation by a qualified professional.”

“Deferred Cost Item” for me.

Items that have reached or are reaching their normal life expectancy or show indications that they may require repair or replacement anytime during the next five years.

It would be a Significant Issue for a buyer from out of town who never saw the property in person…I’ll Bet…:shock: …those listing pictures generally look half way decent.


'round here if the pic. on file from 10 years ago looks better than the house does now, they’ll put it on the ad. Saw one house in really tough shape, but the pic. was flawless. lots of disapointed lookers, and it stayed on the market for over a year.

Not to mention that in the not so rural parts of colorado springs 100% of the subdivisions have concrete driveways…not dirt and gravel…or in this case grey sandy mud.

I believe they are Minimum Standards Joe. Spackleing a hole in some Sheetrock is a little different than re doing a driveway.

How much molding? Weather damaged? Hmmm

I called out these holes yesterday in a circa 1957 garage, something about a firewall?

I can hear it now…Hi I’m your new neighbor, I hope you don’t mind looking at my screwed up driveway for a year or two because my inspector thought it was a cosmetic issue…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully our court date will be soon…:smiley:

Oh, and by the way…if you have any garbage you need to get rid of, just toss it next to my grey mud…:smiley:

Tony I think you did it by stepping on it. You broke the garage door too

I’ll bet if I go back there in a week…I can still write “dale was here” in the “concrete”…and a week later I bet I could go back and rub it off with my shoe…it was really that bad.