Looking for a sun nuclear 1027

I bought a 1027 on ebay off a douche in Pennsylvania 9 days ago with Buy it now and he still hasn’t shipped it yet .
I told him where to pack it …

so I’m looking for a very nice condition 1027 .a 1028 or 1029 at a fair and reasonable price.

Thank You gentleman

Kevin M

Just wanted to add how much I hate Paypal and ebay !
I just went through hell to sell a Pentax camera kit and lost my *** on it
had 1700 invested with top notch lenses and a K7 it sold for 750
then ebay took 75 bucks and its costing 103 to ship the the chap in Australia
then to make it even worse the god damned money is frozen unavailable for
21 days in my paypal account …

Ebay and paypal can kiss my *** !
I quit !

Next time do not offer free shipping with no restrictions and set an appropriate reserve on high end items.

Mike I actually didnt offer free shipping but you have to front the money yourself to ship it and wait to be reimbursed ,21 days later .

as far as the set price yeah my mistake I started a bit lower hoping to generate alot of activity and even though 9 watchers and a ton of views it didn’t go near as high as I had hoped…

My Ebay learning curve…
It was enough ,the whole process is one major pain in the *** !
I tried Craigslist and had every piece of **** scam artist wasting my time from every low life country as far as Nigeria…

It’s a pathetic state of affairs in the world today …

Gotcha Kevin. I will not sell internationally. Period.

I hope it goes better next time.

Search is over
Mission Completed
I own a 1029 …

A shout goes out to my fellow InterNACHI Brothers …