Sun 1028 Radon Monitor for sale

Hey guys, Im getting out of the business do to health reasons. Im selling my last Sun Nuclear 1028 Radon monitor. Its just a little over a year old and will need a calibration. I would like $650.00 obo or trade for a 45 or ATV


I am interested will offer $500, does it come with a case?

Ill give you $520 for this

Pretty chicken-sh*t for a vendor (ESA) to try and outbid an inspector who may be on a tight budget, to buy this to turn a quick profit!

Don’t try and feed us the crap you’re just trying to help out the seller, because if you were, you would offer $100 more, not $20 !!!

Hope others are paying attention! This says a lot about your (lack) of ethics and morals!

If you have the money for it place a bid jeff otherwise why would you care how much less or more my bid is the point is that i bid higher than the last person if he wants to sell it then so be it.

Whatever! Just don’t be surprised when your Spam-antic’s bite you in the a s s!

Do you still have this for sale?