Looking for Lead inspectors with XRF

Environmental company seeking Lead based paint inspectors in ALL states to do lead paint inspections using XRF technology.

• Inspectors should possess the following:
• Lead Paint Inspector and/or Risk Assessor must provide state appropriate certification and valid training certificates.
• MUST possess a certified XRF instrument and provide a current valid leak test.
• MUST possess a Radioactive Materials License where applicable.
• Working knowledge of HUD and local state rules and regulations.
• Internet capabilities and working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Office, and Outlook.
• Must have valid insurance
$200-$300 per inspection.

We need some clarification here. Your company is looking for a lead inspector that owns a XRF machine?

Yes, we are looking for inspectors throughout the country to complete lead inspections for us using XRF.

I am an owner of an environmental company that specializes in XRF testing and I am also a certified Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor and would love to hear more about your posting. We are currently certified in Washington State and are working with a few certified home inspectors, but we are also going to be certified in New York and working specifically in Suffolk & Nassau Counties. If you can post more information, specifically contact information, that would be great, otherwise, please contact Essco Safety Check at 425-749-4136 and ask for Seth. We are ready to help provide the services that you require. I look forward to hearing from you.

Seth Goldberg
Essco Safety Check