New Lead Base Paint Regulations

Does anyone have any information regarding lead base paint qualifications for inspectors with the new law to take effect April 22, 2010?? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions as to sights to check out would be nice. I am already familiar with the EPA sites but would like to know of any state sites that might be available. I am in the state of Ohio. Please email me if you can.

Thanks Grover:p

Grover, I took my LRRP class last week and I asked the instructor about requirements for lead paint testing. He did not have any answers. I contacted the Region 5 office in Chicago and I was told that I need to register as a “firm” if I was still going to offer lead paint testing. Please note that I have know a fellow inspector who was set up in a sting and received a $1300 fine for not having all of his documentation in order. He was called and asked to perform a lead screen, then they sent him his ticket. Real nice, thanks big brother.
Good luck, Paul

These are not new EPA regulations.

They also do not pertan to certan classifications of commercial establishments.

Become familiar with te paw.

The law deals primarily with renovation activities, and not inspections. I suspect that testing/certification for the cntractors will likely involve XRF technology and not swabs.

Although as a GC I got my LBT certification from an HI standpoint I don’t expect it to come into play that much.

A good XRF camera starts around $20,000 and goes up… unless the demand (and market price) goes up, I can sub a lead job out between $300 - $600 and not have to deal with the hassles.

The contractor can take an 8hr Lead Dust Sampling Technician course which will authorize them to “clear” the area themselves - as long as they follow the proper procedures that they learned in the Renovation/Repair course.

THis procedure is swabs and contractors will likely not use XRF. For the most part they will also not need lead inspectors for the type jobs that fall under the Renovator/Repair rule.

The EPA lead paint inspector/risk assessor course is 5 days long and a trainer will charge about $800. State certification fees may run about half that. Check your state’s health department website for specific certification details.