Looking for Sewer Scope guy in Northern Colorado

Any recommendations for a good sewer scope company in Northern Colorado Boulder to Ft. Collins? Denver metro area?

Thanks for any help you can provide here.

Rick Moore
Sherlock Homes Inspection & Appraisal, LLC
Mead, CO

In my area most all Licensed Plumbers perform Lateral Line scoping, so if you know a good plumber, you maybe found someone that does a fair job scoping!

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Should be pretty easy to find a licencee plumber that has a scope, especially those that do sewer and drain repair work. (I say that because not all plumbers do repair work, just new installs). If you are needing someone to scope a line on a home you are inspecting, you may find another inspector that would have a scope but make sure there is readily available clean-out. We as inspectors that do sewer scopes are sometimes limited because there are times we just can not find a good place to enter the drain line (especially in older homes). Sometimes removal of a toilet is the best and easiest place to enter and that would require a plumber and special permission from the seller.

And not all persons (Plumbers, Inspectors, Other…) do quality work/scoping.
Just because one owns a tool, does not mean they can utilize it properly!!

Jim Krumm at Colorado’s Best Home Inspections performs them and also teaches sewer scope inspection for InterNACHI at the House of Horrors in Boulder.

Thank you gentlemen, not what I am looking for. I am well aware that many plumbers perform the service, at a premium. But I have also run into independents that only do sewer scopes, and they are very reasonable in their pricing. I have a good guy for the Denver Metro area now, but was looking for that type of relationship in Northern Colorado. And thank you Kenton, I took Jim Krumm’s sewer scope training class at the InterNACHI headquarters in boulder, he is a good guy. However; again not what I am looking for. Appreciate the input, however, thanks again.

Im my area, Licensed Plumbers charge the same or less than inspectors, on average, $125-$150 up to 100ft.

Thanks Jeff, I haven’t seen that yet. But I will definitely call around some more now and see.

Thanks again all,


I didn’t have to bother calling. I see local contractors all the time while getting fuel, coffee, etc. I just walk over to them, exchange biz cards, and chat a bit. Good way to build resources and be able to discuss with your clients ‘real world’ approximations on basic services.

It also doesn’t hurt buying their coffee every now and than. :wink: