Looking for winterization tips

Hi all,
I’m looking to add winterizing to my services. Just a few questions regarding the process. 1- how much antifreeze goes into the toilet and 2- what is the easiest way of removing water from a hot water tank and expansion tank that are below ground ?




Thanks Nick. Just wondering how much antifreeze is needed and how to drain hot water tank lower than ground level though.

Most Anti freeze products usually contains ethylene glycol, which is a toxic substance.
I do not think normal anti freeze is used to winterize a home. A similar substance that will not easily freeze is probably used (something with out a toxic substance).
I do not think you would want to pour a toxic substance into a private or public sewer/septic system. I believe non toxic anti freeze products are available, and are probably used to winterize a home.

RV antifreeze is non toxic. Dont use any other kind. with toilets, you dump it until it flushes and add about 2 cups to the bowl after water is drained

All I want to know is how much.

Anyone have a good supply source? the one I use could use some improvement.

Suck the water out with a shop vac.
Pour the antifreeze in through the tank until it fills the bowl high enough to seal the trap.

I use a shop vac to suck the water out of the pipes too (supply and drain).
It reduces the amount of anti-freeze per house if you get the water out first.

Don’t do a half-*** job like most of the guys doing it.

Don’t forget the dishwasher - no one ever does the dishwasher. Take the drain line loose and suck the water out.
Also water softners take some work.

Take the line loose in the meter pit or open the bleeder there if it has one.
Pull the valve stem out of the main shut-off if it’s an old house with no drain.
I can’t tell you how many pipes I’ve seen broken right below the main shut-off a foot above the slab because no one wanted to mess with trying to get the water out of there.

Garden hoses - pick up garden hoses from foreclosure houses when you see them. No one ever takes the hose for some reason. Buy ends for them so you can cut it to length and screw a piece to the water heater and leave it draining if you have to. Sometimes it takes a while and there’s no reason to wait for it if you’re done with everything else.
For underground tanks get a pump that goes on the end of a drill or a little sump pump and pump them out I guess. We don’t have too many of those around here and I’d think they wouldn’t freeze too easily anyway.

Time is money.

A ‘regular’ house takes 3-4 gallons of antifreeze.
Around here it’s cheapest at Autozone.
Try to find a place that will give you a discount if you buy it by the case.

That’s all the advice I have.

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