HUD requested rewinterization? Do you do them?

  • I have been requested to rewinterize a house after my inspection. HUD is requiring this rather than let the buyers keep the utiliies on. Has anyone do this? If so could anyone elaborate on your process? I am a licensed plumber and I understand some of the things to do but I dont offer this service as a general rule, however I havent declined it yet. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Thank you in advance for your comments.:mrgreen:*

I don’t take the responsibility of winterizing or de-winterizing any property. If it’s winterized when I get there, I simply disclaim all water supplied appliances, supply pipes and waste pipes. If it’s not winterized when I arrive for a home inspection, and someone is requesting that I winterize the property when I’m through with the home inspection, they’re asking the wrong individual. I don’t winterize, period.

I had one two days ago where the bank sent a plumber out to de-winterize a property for my inspection. After my home inspection, the same Plumber showed up to winterize this house again. I can’t believe the banks are now turning the water “ON” for the inspection. I hope this continues.

I would charge them to re-winterize the home. You can get HUD preservation info here

Thanks for the info, your help is greatly appreciated

If you do decide to winterize you better know exactly how to do it and understand the consequences of doing it wrong.

This is the result of an improperly winterized property.

John first take the counter off your site. Gives off the notion your new to the business. Second listen to vince. Lots of money involved if you don’t know what your doing and something goes wrong.

I appreciate it guys! The main thing is that I am licensed plumber with 12 years construction experience. I understand the plumbing, thats not an issue I was just wondering about anything else you guys might do or other advice. thanks again. New website not new to the business but thanks i didnt think of that.

Sounds more like the bank that owned the property stumbled up an actually hired a really good employee.

It also depends on the real-estate agent. I may be wrong but I am willing to bet that the agent knew you, uses you allot, and understand from working with you that you need the utilities on and the property de-winterized to better serve the buyer.

It is so nice to show up at the inspection and other professionals have done their part.:slight_smile:

No, I didn’t know the agent or the Buyer.

This particular house had so many defects that I’m willing to bet that the bank simply wanted this home off their books. My client was a contractor and look beyond all the defects. He was telling me that he was going to gut the entire house and upgrade everything except the structure itself.

Had one yesterday. Agent had said he would dewinterize by getting there early before me. Here in Texas it is not as big a deal as up north. He had asked if I would help lighting the water heaters. As it was a 2006 build and lighting them would involve clicking the ignitor, I probably would have done it if they were filled and functioning before hand.

However, the buyers agent never showed up for some reason. The home was completely winterized when I got there. So all the plumbing parts got the disclaimer that they were not inspected. Told the Buyer that I would come back out and inspect those areas for an additional fee if she desired when she got the water on. She had no problem at all with it, understanding why I would not turn things on.

I don’t de-winterize. Interestingly the home had been winterized by another inspection company. Probably not a bad gig around here. As I imagine most of the time the banks/agent will not call you back out to dewinterize and therefore any warranties in place by your service are void - at least according to the paperwork I see at these. Maybe ought to look into it as a seperate service…