Loop Vent

:roll: I saw my first so called loop vent for an island kitchen sink and talked to a plumber friend today because I absolutely did not under stand the principle of operation. Can one of you plumbing Grues expand on this a bit further. The drain for the sink has a P-trap like any other sink but the vent travels up close to the bottom of the fixture and then travels back down in a loop and re-connects to the same line just above the trap making a completely closed loop. The plumber stated that this loop was legal in this state. Can any one expand on this. Thanks in advance.</IMG>


Maybe a picture will help

sorry don’t have time for pics

The “loop” when done proplerly still allows the necessary air to be drawn in while water is flowing downstream.

When you see a loop in an island, that is why you see the P trap and the pipe adjacent to it in vertical position. The second pipe is allowing air to be drawn in. Loops tend to be slightly more troublesome comparatively. We use one up in sizing for vent and drain to allow for a long life of installation.

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You have to admit Jay…it is tough to diagnose a defect/non defect of this particular item WITHOUT a picture…I bet all of us envision different things when we read his post.

he must have taken a pic of it if he thought it was a defect yes?


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