Looped sink vent

Other than this being an “S” trap any thoughts about the loop? ](*,)

common with free standing kitchen island sink installation, don’t see much ABS around here

I did drain quickly, but it’s still an “S” trap.

I would not call that an S-trap. Just a poor (failed) attempt at a proper island sink vent loop.


No S-trap in a properly vented island

Very Nice graphics Mr. Larson

Why do you call that an “S” trap?

Sure would have been easier to use a Studor vent.

Would certainly have been easier to use a Studor, more properly called an air admittance valve, but they are not allowed in some jurisdictions. They also need to be monitored over time because the seals will eventually fail.

AAV’s are allowed here, use frequently in island kitchens, and are commonly referred to as “Studors” or “Cheater vents”. :roll:

Not allowed in most CA jurisdictions either. . .