Loss of water pressure?

I inspected a home 2 months ago. Got a call today and went by to check it out. The home is a two story built in 2002. When you turn on the tub in the master bath great water pressure for 15 seconds then drops to half. Turn on the sink or flush toilet at same time drops to a trickle. This is at all fixtures on the upper level. Checked the Main valve at the house and city shutoff both are full on. No pressure regulator on property. This issue didnt exist during inspection. Any ideas on what might be causing the pressure drop? They have installed a new water heater since the inspection.

Assuming not on a pump it may be loose deposits.
Seems like a flow more than a pressure issue.

Was it like that when the water heater was replaced? Seems like the plumber could have fixed the problem.

Could be stuck or incorrectly installed heat traps.

Is it on both the hot and the cold? And did you say it is only on the second floor fixtures?

I inspected a new home yesterday that had a booster pump and it was city water. New sub-division and this was the last house on the street. No one knew why a booster pump was installed, house has been empty for over a year. I suspect there is a water pressure problem and my recommendation was to make an inquiry at the water department.

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Damaged curb shutoff valve and/or isolation valve.
While valve appears open, it may be restricted (dropped gate).
Was the water ever turned off between the time of Inspection and Closing?

What’s the house pressure? Does the gauge fluctuate?

Years ago I heard of Guys dropping a washer or a pebble in the pipe before they joined them together .
This was done when they hated who they where working for .
Pressure test would show Ok but flow would be restricted and if the joint was in the wall a hard thing to find and fix .
These guys would be long gone and no way to be sure who did it .
Some people are sick and mean .

I was thinking something similar, those beads which can be stuck into the pipe to stop water dripping out. They are suppose to heat the pipe and melt them afterward. Like Joe said, a busted valve is a good candidate, but it sounded like the pressure loss was only on the upper floor. We need some more clarification from William.

sediment in areator, if the tub was the first thing used after they installed the water heater ?