Water pressure drop

On todays inspection, old Chicago 2-flat late 1890’s, 3/4 " lead line, with newer copper pipe and shut of valve(s) installed in the last few years.
I noticed that the water pressure dropped a lot, when more than 1- fixture was turned on , the 2-nd floor tenant then told me that if the guy on the 1-st floor is taking a shower he has no water at his tub.
So I tested the pressure at the laundry sink (about 4’0" from the main water valve. and had 28 lbs, (somewhat normal for Chicago) I then went out side and turned on the hose bib and check the pressure at the sink , it dropped below 5-lbs. 1-st time I have ever had a pressure drop like that. I went to the street and pulled the cover off the B-Box and check to make sure the valve was in the on position, it was, must be a leak in the line or a City issue.

Serious restriction in the line could be a build up inside pipe or a kink , I expect it has a build up. No flow usual water pressure turn on a tap and the flow falls from the restriction
.New line from main supply needed .

I agree. 2- big trees in the front yard. one is right over the path of the lead water line.

If there is a leak in the in-ground line when all fixtures are off the meter will still spin. But I’m sure you know that Jeff.

Yes, but no meter

If there is a leak in the in ground line the meter will spin?? Not where I come from.

Seems to me the HI’s job is done, “A severe water pressure drop was observed when more than one fixture was opened, recommend a qualified plumber identify the cause and corrective action.”

The triangular indicator on the meter will spin if there is a leak between the meter and the house, or in the house, when all fixtures are turned off.
Lifting the meter lid is beyond the scope of a normal inspection, but I would probably do it as long as it was fairly easily accessible.

Most meter covers around here require a special tool to remove the lid. My special tool is a pipe wrench

Not an issue here. All meters are in the basement…

Next to the XPS and the Electricians snake. ;):slight_smile:

What did the electrical look like Jeff. :slight_smile:

Don’t see that around here, but I do see gas meters inside of basements in older homes. And they don’t have the infrared gadget the utility companies use to remotely read the meter. One homeowner told me she actually writes her usage down on a card and sends it to the gas company!!

Which is ironic as gas meters in older homes “were” in many basements, and have since been required to be moved to the exterior.