lots of threads about pricing...$2,450 home inspection...

no brag just fact

client received only the specialized Stucco Inspection portion of the report and replied, “Barry, you are not charging enough for your services, excellent, detailed report. I can’t wait to see the rest of the home inspection report”

btw: this is not the highest fee to date…ymmv

nice article, Barry.

There’s not much EIFS around here, but this is some great info to store in my memory bank.


I’ll bet it was. Way to go.

thanx to all
hope it’s as enjoyable & azzkickin’ in your markets


Glad to hear you are doing well. Nice work!!

Nice work and nice site. I like the way you just cut the mustard and get your message out.:cool:

sugar coating is for cereal…not property inspections/reports

thanx to all

Barry …

Proud of you man. Must be the area’s but for the past year in KC, there seems to be a trend for the few guys that do real intense stucco inspections (EDI, AWCI, etc) that we’re getting slammed by the cheapo’s charging $295-$395 for a 6,000sf house.

To make matters worse these uncertified yoyo’s that have taken no training OR a nice home correspondence course are telling the buyers or agents they can do the testing without putting any holes in the stucco (which the seller and listing agent jump on big time). I’ve had buyers agents tell me several of these guys just took a protimeter and went around the inside walls OR shot an IR on the outside AND said … Good to Go.