Love this clamp-on light

I’ve talked about this Husky clamp-on light before in the forum, but wanted to give a real world example of how useful it is.

Dark, dingy basement at an inspection today, with a lot of electrical to look at. The clamp light has a bunch of different configurations that allow you to attach to just about anything and get the light where you need it. It is rechargeable, compact, and pretty rugged. Not to mention it is bright as heck!

Light clamped on stairs near panels…

Panels lit up!


Wow, I’m sold! Thanks.


Mention my name at Home Depot. You won’t get anything, and neither will I, but it will confuse the hell out of the checkout person!


Oh, don’t sell yourself short! Just wait till I show them your interNACHI forum prominence. They’ll soon understand the level of your influence. You could break them with just a light flick of the keyboard. I’m predicting free extended warranty coverage at the very least!

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And that’s about all that extended warranty crap is worth, lol.


I love the milwaukee LED lights. They’ve got a magnet embedded and i’ve yet to find a spot to hang them when needed. Additionally while they’re in my tool belt the magnet holds the screws well from a service panel.


It’s funny you mention that. I have a little pocket in my tool belt where I always put the screws. On the inspection pictured above, one screw was missing when I went to put them back in. I think those little buggers sometimes grow wings and fly away! Luckily I carry a variety of extra panel screws in by bag.


I have one of these attached to my belt… panel screws, retrieve dropped tools from that place I can’t reach with my hand alone, etc…


I just wear a lightweight vest with about 6 pockets.

How does that work for ya’ in Winter at -30f degrees and wearing gloves??

…Or Summer wearing 600V PPE gloves?

I got an oversized one.