Low voltage wiring at panel??

(Christopher Currins, CMI) #1

Metering kit? What’s it’s actual purpose?

(Dale Duffy) #2

Never seen anything like it…I would be curious to know also.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #3

New one on me.
What does it go to.

(Humberto Carvajal, HI884) #4

Were you able to look on the inner side of the metal plate to see what’s behind it? That may hold a clue?


(Juan C. Jimenez) #5

Touch plate lighting maybe??

(Juan C. Jimenez) #6


This looks close

(Christopher Currins, CMI) #7

This is what I found before posting. My photo is a Square D load center.


“This metering kit is designed to be field installable to any Square D LoadCentre”

My panel has this;

“This kit comprises of an extension box to be fixed to the bottom of the LoadCentre KQII distribution board.”

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #8

4 low voltage circuits.
Could this be for yard lighting all controlled from one or more master controllers .
I see coloured wires is this place wired with conduit.
I also see large wires does it have an Electric furnace or another Panel.

(Michael Larson, WI Lic. # 1672-106) #9

Low voltage lighting control relays.


(Chad Norlen, CPI) #10

More info.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #11

about 45 years since I installed any of these

(Charley L. Bottger) #12

I use to find older versions of those in homes built late 50’s and early 60’s all for relay lighting and they were always in the attic

(Christopher Currins, CMI) #13

Thanks everyone…something new everyday.

(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #14

That is because they are not allowed in the distribution panel…