Sub panel

This sub panel is in a pole garage of a manufactured home. Do you see anything wrong with this panel? I thought I had a better picture sorry!

Looks to me like someone is circumventing the breaker. Doesn’t seem like a good idea.

The breaker is still being used. It was fed with 120 volts and the white is a jumper to power the 2nd leg in the panel. The lugs are only for one conductor and the wire also looks too small for the lug so they folded it back to double up the size.

White should not have been used as an ungrounded conductor.

Looks like the screw (or wire) on the left got extremely hot.

Jim P nailed what they are trying to accomplish, but like he mentioned, the wire is too small, and they should have used a black or red wire.

So if they used a heavier gauge red or black wire, this would be acceptable?

Not in my book, but I’m not sure there’s any code against it. It doesn’t look like the “feeder” wire is heavy enough, but who knows what load is on it?

It also appears the ground and neutral buss are tied together in this sub panel as well, another no-no.

No, as the lugs are only for one conductor.

If this is an older feeder the grounds would again be bonded to neutral like a service panel. Three wire feeders were allowed to outbuildings with no other metallic path back to the service building. They are allowed to continue to be used. A new install would require a 4 wire feeder to an outbuilding.

The code against this would be 110.3(B), equipment must be installed as listed and labeled. The lug does not say for multiple conductors.

Thanks Jim! I didn’t realize the grounds and neutrals could be bonded anywhere except the service panel. I may have unnecessarily called out a few in the past.

Thanks for sharing…

What’s funny about this I called this out. Recommend further evaluation by a professional electrician. The Realtor who I have never met wanted her buddy inspector to do the inspection. The client wanted me! Well the Realtor showed her inspector my report and asked him about it. He said the electrical was fine. So the sellers told the buyer that they were not going to have it fixed after telling the buyers in the beginning that they would fix all electrical issues. Now the Realtor is telling the buyers that she will pay for having the electrical issues fixed after closing. A LITTLE UNETHICAL?

Can’t be true. According to many that post here there is no such thing as an unethical agent, or they’re very rare. :roll:

And definitely no such thing as a buddy/favorite inspector that doesn’t have a clue.

There is a lot wrong with that panel. First of all it looks like a piece of heavy duty zip cord is feeding that panel which might only be good for 13 amps. Considering the smallest circuits allowed by code are 15 amps and there look to be more than one, and the fact a number 8 neutral is on the neutral buss which is good for 40 or 50amps, its a fire waiting to happen. I see grounds and neutrals on the same buss. That main isn’t rated for double taps.

Who ever said there is nothing wrong with that should be out of a job. Blunt, but it makes me irate when a fire hazard is said not to be one.