Lowdown on IAC2

Could someone please explain what I am able to do with IAC2 certification? It appears you still need a Mold Assessor license and I am not sure if you need additional state licensing for radon. Can someone give me quick skinny on this? Thanks.

With regard to licensing of radon and mold services, every state is different. Private professional trade associations such as IAC2 do not issue government licenses.

Membership in IAC2 is free and no annual dues.


Yes you need a state certification or license to perform Mold, Radon, Lead Paint and Septic inspections in Florida. You need specialized training to perform a wind mitigation inspection.

BTW: The IAC2 logo can be found on the front of Mold, Water, Radon, etc. kits in 50,000 retail outlets across North America.

Now that’s pretty cool. I see a lot of these kits.

Great idea, promote the do-it-yourself. Nothing like sucking more money from our pockets…


All kidding aside, you could also add the PRO lab logo to your webpage’s and lose potential business. Many people in Florida just laugh when discussing a pro lab report. Whether it is good or bad, they have become a joke to remediators and assessors. Consumers will only follow.

I guess you don’t play billiards.

Home test kits have been sold and are going to continue to be sold whether they promote IAC2 members or not… so they might as well promote us.

Furthermore… most mold kits we sell are never returned to the lab for processing (directions are too complicated). That is why we recommend (right on the box and in the directions) that the consumer contact his local InterNACHI/IAC2 inspector to have the mold problem assessed professionally.

Furthermore… our surveys have demonstrated that consumers who purchase mold test kits are not really interested in testing for mold. They already know they have mold. What they actually want is for a professional to tell them why they have mold, where it’s coming from, and what to do about it. Hence: www.IAC2.org

As for the rest of the consumers who actually use the kit to test for mold, those consumers are also directed to their local IAC2 member.

9 million kits in 50,000 retail outlets direct consumers to IAC2 members every year.

Membership in www.IAC2.org is free.

I got a small commercial job from the kit last year.