IAC2 mold

VA does not have any licensing for mold or radon. This year I got IAC2 certified to do radon and added that service to my business. Next year my plan is to add mold testing. Has anyone gotten started with just the IAC2 cert? What other good education is there? I don’t mind paying for good education.

I refuse to work with Aaron wise though. Good grief.


What Linus posted it spot on. I am a CRMI which you can’t be anymore, but CMI is where it is. It costs $$ to certify, and $$ to recertify, but it is well worth it. When I tell people that I am board certified, it backs up what I say. I work with several relocation companies that found me through ACAC. No offense to IAC2, but its not even close.

Ok thanks linas and Brad

IAC2.org website is down…can anyone else log in?

Totally agree about EMSL, I’ve been using them and their mold test kit for years.
Lab turn around time is fast.

One thing to understand about mold is the report issued requires some interpretation and guidance for the client.

A radon test is black and white, above or below 4.0 picoliters.

Like radon, mold is a natural part of the environment. All homes have mold and I always tell the client that upfront.

With air sample testing you’ll get back the reports on what kind of molds are present and in what concentrations both interior and exterior for comparison.

EMSL always has classes going that would be good to attend.