Lowest Price IR Cameras & Training in USA

Lowest Price Infrared Cameras & Training in USA

**IR Camera - 160x120 resolution = $2714 delivered
2 Day INFRARED CERTIFIED webinar = $450 total

Hundreds have taken our IR class and are now operating****
their IR business. Contact me via email only for more
details. <<john@infrared-certified.com>>

InterNACHI’s offical IR class…**


Attend Our IR Certification Webinar,
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Wow that is cheap, do you have children from Thailand putting those together in your basement or what?


I apologize in advance for anyone who I might offend by this…but after reading through the many threads on our board that criticizes “the lowballer”…the hundreds of warnings as to how “you get what you pay for” and all the rest ----

Is this advertisement a confession of inferiority? Who, exactly, is this designed to appeal to?

What would be your thoughts if this ad were for home inspections or an ancillary service?

Do you…or any inspector you personally know…intentionally seek the cheapest training in America?

It’s simple, cheap and you are “certified”. Certification means nothing without experience.

I will say this, I disagree with John personally, but the man saved me $1000 on the purchase of a camera without asking ANYTHING in return and just because I am a member of NACHI. For me that speaks volumes. I do believe that he is trying to provide a product that pertains to our industry and give it to people at a low cost. I don’t think his work is inferior and although I have not taken his class, I would consider it and actually thinking of sending my guys to it. I have read numerous testimonials that have praised John and his class.

If I take a $450 class and can save over $1200 by taking it. You kinda would be stupid not to. Its 2 days of information.

Your comments as far a cost being a direct reflection of quality is not ALWAYS true. I have taken FREE classes here and learned some valuable information. I think its a good way to spend $450 if your thinking of getting into thermal infrared and it pertains to our industry. Just my 2 cents…

Well said Russell.

I’ve spoken to some Level I and II thermographers who told me that they got more info from the instruction booklet that came free with their camera…but, that aside, you seem to have a different opinion in what you buy from what you sell.

There is no definitive answer, here…just an observation.

While inspectors speak of “building value” and referring price shoppers to the “cheap guy”…do they then turn around and respond to the “lowball” vendor in the manner that they advise consumers to avoid the “lowball” inspector?

I don’t think that you can compare the two. The home buyer has many options for a home inspector. The inspector doesn’t have many options for IR Training. I would look at what the training would teach me. I can tell you from personal experience that the level 1 training does nothing to help you make a living with that service as a home inspector. It also teaches you little about your camera.

I haven’t taken Johns class, But from the reviews that I have read and people I have spoken with the class has value.

I think that you would have a better argument about his choice of marketing. Just my opinion.

The IR camera prices are coming down because more sellers from
the US, England, China and Germany are now aggressively marketing
in the field. More camera sales are also helping to drop the price of this
technology, just as the price of the personal computers went down
as the demand went up. I do not sell the IR cameras, but offer my
students good deals that I get offered to me. Yes, I am guilt of helping
my students save money.

We have had HUNDREDS take our IR class and they are now operating
their thermal imaging business after taking our class. Some have told
to me that our INFRARED CERTIFIED class is better than Level I. The
proof is in the pudding. We have never had one cancellation of our
monthly webinar class in over two years because of a lack of attendance.


I see you are still offering $139 walk through inspection. I think that
has got to be one of the cheapest inspections I have ever seen. But
I guess you can do it because you offer no report and it has no SoP.
Me thinks the Pot should not call the kettle black.:slight_smile:

Your jealousy of me never ceases.

I agree…which was my original point.

Good or bad, every class will have its critics and its fans.

But as for the method of marketing…this comes across (to me) like a lowballing home inspector offering his $175 home inspection. I was just wondering what others thought…and why the those of us who oppose such forms of marketing for inspectors would respond to it from a vendor?


What you also need to take into consideration is John’s course is geared for home inspection and home inspectors doing home inspections. Roof inspections are a different animal as is electrical inspections, hence the different standards for them.
The ASNT level 1 course is again a different course, it is more detailed then John’s but also more broad in scope as well, covering more of the applications of the camera and it’s uses.
Johns course covers camera application to home inspections only with minimal tech on camera operations and application.
you are comparing apples with oranges.
I have been present in johns course for the two days and for the home inspector it provides enough basic information to pick up and begin using a camera and starts the path in the field of thermal imaging.
Those that take his course and decide that they want to persue this field will very quickly relize they need more in depth education and will take the ASNT level 1 course, building sciences course, roofing inspection course, electrical standards course, then level 2 and on to 3, all the while increasing stick time which is one of the most important factors.
I am now at ASNT level 2, with building sciences, roofing, electrical, preventive and predictive maint, and a few inframation 3 day seminars to boot.
Cost was great in all cases, but for the dollar john charges, you do get your moneys worth, but remember it is ment for home inspection only.
Thinking your will be doing roof inspections after his cpourse and you will be blind and clueless along the way.

James offers opinions of thermal imaging, but has never used an IR camera.
He means well.

**IR Camera - 160x120 resolution = $2714 delivered
2 Day INFRARED CERTIFIED webinar = $450 total

Not a bad deal.

But, Bill…after John’s second post, we are being asked to believe that this “el-cheepo” webinar has been rated as “better than Level I”.

Staying away from any criticism or support of this class, for that is not my intent, would you market a course that we are to believe to be rated by participants as “better than level 1” as the “lowest priced” training in the United States of America?

Is there a difference between this and the inspector with the ad in the Yellow Pages hawking his $125 home inspection for any size house?

And…if it is the same…why are home inspectors attracted to it at the rate he says they are…while opposing similar advertising in their own profession?

Highly unlikely.

Jim’s opinions are his own and since he hasn’t taken you class they are uninformed and at the very least unhelpful.

It’s nice to see things haven’t changed on the playground. :stuck_out_tongue:

William hit the nail right on the head. I do not think John tries to substitute his course as level I/II/III. I think he is just building value in his course, just as you guys build value against your competitors when selling an HI for $350, or whatever. If you read some older threads where he is promoting training you can read through the “passion lines” and it plainly reads he markets it to HIs for HIs.

Greg, training shouldn’t teach you about the actual camera as every single camera system out there comes with an instruction manual as well as CD/DVD. Training, in any fashion, should cover the abilities of the camera in regards to infrared. IE: emissivity correction, span, range, etc.

John’s training is not the lowest in the country, so he isn’t the low baller. I know of a guy that has a couple of different courses that start that include a $99 and $199 course.

Ultimately if you plan on getting in to IR, do it the way William DeVries did it. For HI type of IR work, do John’s course. For work outside of HI do level I. Go get some experience in the field outside of IR HI then add on level II…wash and repeat for level III or what have you.

As far as cameras go they are all priced into a set price point range for a reason, it doesn’t matter the manufacture. Recently, as John stated, there are a couple of china/taiwan/korean manufactures that will private label cameras for anyone. So one of these manufactures might put out dozens of different brand name cameras off of the same exact product, due to private labeling. Because of the cost of these instruments and future calibrations, the buyer better make sure where they need to send the camera for service/calibration and what kind of lead times are involved with international shipping and service. The buyer also really needs to do their do diligence about international freight policies and commerce policies. The biggest question that, should also be addressed, is who regulates and oversees these testing standards and published specifications…I guarantee it is not ANSI or NIST.

    Jason Kaylor – JJ

VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](http://www.aikencolon.com/)
Energy Auditors

In your opinion, does a home inspector who is interpreting an image for the use of a home inspection require less sophisticated training than would anyone else using the IR camera for a different purpose?

Simply put, yes. I could write a small book on this as to why. I would highly recommend getting both forms of training that are discussed here. Get a camera after that training and get out in the field and start getting some experience under your belt. After doing at least 10 types of infrared inspections in 4 or 5 different disciplines, the answer will be more clear.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](http://www.aikencolon.com/)
Energy Auditors
Cellulose Insulation Machines

Looks like it’s time to get some training and experience Jim. John and Will Decker have loads of info. Give it time, take it slow and you will learn.:wink:

The infrared camera I am referring to (160x120 resolution) is made in
Germany. It is not a relabeled piece of junk from Taiwan. I have many
tell me that they could not find any camera cheaper than the prices
I get for my students, even in multiple major brand names.

I don’t think my IR class is cheap, I feel all the other classes are
way over priced…IMHO. I think many IR camera vendors charge
too much too. I make a lot of people angry at me, but I can
deal with it.

I have a loyal base of students who saved hundreds and even thousands
of dollars by using my services. Just ask them.

Yes I am guilty.

Don’t forget, I represent the official InterNACHI Infrared Certification
class and Nick wanted me to offer value to the home inspection
industry that they cannot get anywhere else, at a price they could
afford. Hour for hour, our price is lower and our camera deals are always

Want to compare deals?

Lowest Price Infrared Cameras & Training in USA

**IR Camera - 160x120 resolution = $2714 delivered
2 Day INFRARED CERTIFIED webinar = $450 total