Thermal camara

I am curently thinking about purchacing a thermal image camera to help stand out above the compition. Looking for input on what brand and model would i need to do home inspections?

I do not think this is a good reason to get into this field.

“If you have it, they will come.” Does not work.

When Camera Owners offer this service to beat out their competition, they don’t charge correctly, do not have the proper training and invest in the improper equipment.

If your new to inspections, I see your a student, I would focus on developing your home inspection business first. If you think all it takes is to buy a camera and offer IR your in for a big surprise.

All great thoughts and thank you. Just curious on which camera would be a good choice looking ahead for options.

When you do decide to buy a camera get one with decent resolution, that won’t be cheap but well worth it in the end.

What make and model do you use?

What training do you have? That should “help” folks suggest things.

Join ME TOMORROW in Johns Class.

I cannot wait. Two days of learning :slight_smile: Going to be long days but I bought a whole new desktop computer to make sure I have no issues and do not miss a thing :slight_smile:

wow! :roll:

Do you get this excited at Christmas? :|.)

All over Uncertified Infrared?

I need to find something to sell you. :mrgreen:

does it come with a CAPS button:D

Bruce unfortunately yes but the layout is a little dif so maybe will not be such an issue :slight_smile:


Yep I am excited to have the opportunity to become a CERTIFIED Infrared Thermographer. It is just a certified as any other stuff. I guess you might have paid for a much more expensive program with a lot of different levels and such. Sry :frowning: I believe MOST clients will feel the same way about my new qualifications once I EARN them. It did make for a merry xmas especially because I had already quit for the day and tried to go for a bike ride tire with my little one, tire was busted and I came back and saw it posted put down my info thought I lost and got real, real, lucky :slight_smile: That was the luckiest thing that happened that whole damn year. Glad it’s gone. 35 more minutes till it starts :slight_smile:

You just keep thinking that way.

You will eventually find out that the general public doesn’t really care about your collection of “Merit Badges”.

Get with Kevin Richardson, he has a bunch of great cartoon characters that you can put on your “certified” webpage. Everybody knows Superman is not just a cartoon character, he’s a home inspector with a thermal camera.

If he had proper training he would already know which one he needs

I am learning all that stuff right now :slight_smile: Lunch break, Funny thing is that they teach us what we need as builders and inspectors and do not bother with any USELESS crap that does not pertain to OUR industries. Yes I know it is not useless to those in those industries but I sure am not going to pay to learn stuff I do not need. So far to me Johns class is the common sense choice but I definitely can see how those who had to pay the crazy a s s high prices for levels that mean NOTHING and teach a great amount of info that is NOT NEEDED in OUR INDUSTRY would be pissed and go down with their ship. It is funny to me how folks will do that just because they did something a different way and paid weather it makes the most sense now days or not.

I do still have quite a way to go but I know it will get me my third Beaumont Educational Award for my Merit Badge Wall or future resume :slight_smile:

Guys who did the level thing **Don’t hate the player. Hate the game…**sorry it was not available when you did your thing. Not our fault :slight_smile:

I bought a Flir T 420, excellent picture many options, great for inspections, with proper education will wow your clients.

You still have to take a level class if you want to advance from Johns course. Even Jim Seffrins course with HACHI is a pre course to level 1. Pay now or pay later

All I need is Johns AWESOME course and the InterNACHI courses then CERTIFIED baby

You need to watch what you consume during your lunch break…

… oh yea, you have no work to do later anyway, right? Just hang out here? :wink:

Actually I took the time and got laid :slight_smile: What did you do in the last hour?

I never work after hours unless in the office.

I always try to be home before rush hour.

Mike, as you have never taken any other IR training how do you know that all other training is filled with “useless information and info that is not needed in our industry”? I would honestly like to know what you are basing your opinion on.