Luxaire Furnace Age

I completed an inspection and now I’m trying to determine the age of the furnace. All my searches say that the serial number determines the age. As seen on the tag, there is no serial number listed. Only the model and series number. Any help in directing me towards an answer on this? Thank you!

Probably 30+ years

That model is 1966

Is there something on the tag that tells you that?

From the model number and Chiltons manual


Thanks Les. I’m trying to learn my way around some of these things. The only Chiltons manual that I have is for my 1997 Nissan Sentra.

Whenever you see a metal data plate, you can be pretty sure its 30+


Oops sorry you are correct prestons guide


Haha! You had me looking for a Chiltons manual as well. :rofl: