Furnace Age

Could anyone tell me the age of a furnace made by Grimsby, Model # 100/117 and Serial Number 930500355, Series S709 and No- 15621, the CD book says a letter and followed by a # should be on the label, but could not find it?? thanx
Chuck Crooker/CROOKERHANCOX HOME INSPECTIONS INC. Brantford , Ontario www.crookerhancox.com “Not just an inspection, an Education!!!”:slight_smile:

Chuck is it areal old unit .I see you have a series # s7090 that could be the age also.

Hi Rob, the furnace looks in real good shape and not rust, I am thinking 15 +/- yrs. old

Well if it looks in good shape how about the serial mumber first 2 the year next two the month.I find in general the first 4 numbers work more times than any thing ells on most furances I have looked at.You can also look for a gas tage on the gas line the gas techs are required to put a tage on the line every time they change something.I have found that in a lot of cases the age of the furnace matches the date on the gas tage.

No tags, hence the suggested age of 15±.

Chuck I think you are right,first two mumbers are 93 could only be 13 years old but 15+/- will work.

I’d guess May 1993. Doug

Did you check the blower housing for a date stamp?

That would be my guess too Doug ,could possible be made by carrier that how thier serial numbers work first 4 numbers date it was made.

Rob, just got back from a home with almost the same, the Serial # was 934502594 and the model #is 100/117 and the home was built 12-13 years ago. So I am thinking that the ser. # may be a good hint for the age. Even though the CD book says that a date is on the label but no can find it on either furnace.

In my opinion the CD book is not all that useful.

Chuck I had a new furnace installed about 2 years ago it’s a Goodman which is made by or owns Carrier the serial # read the same.First 4 number are date of manufacture.