LVL Beam No End Support

This LVL Beam had no end support, but there was no movement of the floor above. The beam is in a cantilever situation but in the middle of the house. No way to contact the manufacture on Christmas Eve. Any Comments. Be gentle.




Based on past experience I would recommend installation of a bracket.

More support ---- post.

appears to be an engineered system

  1. consult the engineer of record
    in the event docs are unavailable
  2. consult an engineer to approve this design or to design the required retrofit

don’t try to smooth the deal…cya

merry whatever you celebrate

Verify design with engineer of record to maintain structural integrity.

It’s probably attached from above so it’s OK :slight_smile: No, really it should have a post but you don’t need to tell them HOW to fix it, only that it should be reviewed by an architect/engineer/framing contractor etc. whatever is appropriate in your area due to not having proper end bearing.

Kevin is spot-on.

There is probably an air-jack under same… it can easily be seen with an IR camera…recommend that client pay for an IR inspection to verify same. :slight_smile: