LVL not supported at ends & twisted

I have never seen this type application before which made me have some reason for concern. The LVL main beam was not supported at the end, but had another LVL next to it. On another part of the floor joist the LVL was twisting. Has anyone seen this before and would you call it out.

Sylvan-WalnutGrove 144.JPG

Sylvan-WalnutGrove 138.JPG

Sylvan-WalnutGrove 135.JPG

Sylvan-WalnutGrove 146.JPG

Definitely call it out, twisting LVL, unsupported bracing and wood wedge will compress causing settling. Looks a little unorthodox as well. Framing contractor definitely at a minimum and possible consult by SE

Recommendation for a Qualified Licensed Building Contractor is highly recommended.
One that is an expert in crawlspace framing and moisture management.
Some knowledge of basic plumbing installation would be helpful. :):wink:

I would state the floor system looks like it was installed by an amatuer.

No doubt in my mind Dale. :slight_smile: