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**M.A.R.C. ****of Florida is a Coalition of Mold Industry Professionals from across the State of Florida. **

These Professionals include, Industry Suppliers, Laboratories, Professional Organizations, Private Corporations, as well as Individual Mold Assessors and Remediators.

M.A.R.C is a Mold Industry Coalition constantly working to set and improve Mold Industry Standards to protect Florida’s Citizens from Un-Trained and Un-licensed professionals who prey on Floridians in their time of need.

M.A.R.C. is a Mold Industry Coalition working together to prevent the recent move to repeal or amend the current Mold Licensing Law.

**M.A.R.C.**of Florida
Mold Assessment & Remediation Coalition of Florida1
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John P. Lapotaire, CIEC321-229-2778 Cell - John@FloridaIAQ.com

M.A.R.C. can only make a difference in the Florida Senate and House with the financial support of those in the Mold Industry.
If you’re a M.A.R.C. Contributor, your contribution will go to M.A.R.C./PAC which supports the current Florida Mold Licensing Law.
M.A.R.C.'s political action committee is working to prevent the De-Regulation of the Mold Industry and Stop the Amendments to the Current Mold Licensing Law.

Through your thoughtful support and contributions we can continue to fight the De-Regulation of the Mold Industry. http://www.marcfl.com/contribute.html](http://www.marcfl.com/contribute.html)

What a difference the professionals in our industry can make when we come together with a common goal.

When the initial house bill was introduced the outlook was daunting. Many thought that we would simply be overrun by the out of state deep pockets making a run at our repealing our state licensing requirements.

Not a chance. Not in our state. Quickly FABI, IEAQC, NORMI, and MARC came to gather to defeate the move to either repeal or amend our current Mold Professional Licensing Law.

The fight began in February of this year and ended just last night May 6th at 10:06pm.

Here is a quick re-cap of the fast paced legislation of the past four months.