Mold Rules Workshop with DBPR on May 5, 2010.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation will be holding a Rules Workshop for Mold Related Services (1:00pm - 4:00pm) on May 5, 2010 at 1940 North Monroe Street in Tallahassee Florida.

Please see the link below for details.

A copy of the agenda and draft rules is available at the Mold Related Services website, at

If anyone should have questions or concerns about this meeting please call Richard Morrison at 850-922-6020.

I was curious if anyone attended the rules workshop for mold related services and if this was discussed and to what if any end?

**61-31.1 LICENSURE **
61-31.101 License Requirements
61-31.102 Examination

**61-31.102 Examination **
A written examination shall be passed prior to any applicant receiving a license practice as a mold remediator or assessor as provided in Chapter 468, Florida Statutes. unless exempt by this part.
(1) The department approves the Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) examination, the Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) examination, or the Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) examination offered by American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) for purposes mold assessor licensure. Applicants must achieve a passing grade pursuant the requirements of the ACAC and Section 455.217, Florida Statutes.

I have always felt the state should follow the National Standard 1100 (NOCA) which recently was approved by ANSI that clarifies the difference between Indoor Air Quality professionals (including mold inspectors) that are “certified” professionals and those that are just “certificate holders” (completed a training course).
Since the [FONT=Arial]American Council for Accredited Certification, (ACAC) , the American Board of Industrial Hygiene(ABIH) and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals have the only IAQ certifications that meet the standard they should be recognized.[/FONT]

I attended the second part of the workshop. The first part (9a-12p) was for Home Inspectors, and the second part (1p-4p) was for Mold Related Services. As the latter is my focus, I only attended it.

If I understand your question correctly, you are wondering what was discussed with regard to the examination(s) that will be used for licensure. As the description above references, the ACAC’s examinations have already been approved. The committee stated that they have already reviewed numerous organizations and their individual examinations. However, they welcome any information regarding the different examinations available.

As I understand it, the requirements for the examination that they are looking for are that the organization/examination is “National”, not just regionally, state, or locally available. Also, it must be proctored. Mr. Morrisson and other committee members requested that all information be forwarded to Mr. Morrisson’s attention for review. Although they will review all information, they stated that they do not anticipate there being very many programs that fit what they are looking for to fulfill the statute.

For clarification purposes, the above-mentioned examinations from the ACAC are for the new licenses only. The grandfathering education requirements are not exclusive to these certifications or this organization. Mr. Morrisson told me personally that as long as the certifications/organization/program met the hourly requirements as stated in the statute, it would be fine. However, we have no way of knowing exactly what will go through and what will not, with regard to the numerous “certification” examinations out there. Only time will tell.

Let me know if you need anything further.

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Thanks for the reply.
It appears to be what we expected.
The girls in our office have put together required info for each guy, background check and finger prints and we are ready.
Thanks again,
Doug Wall

As a Home Inspectors, under the new legislation, will we be able to perform a mold inspection?
Take mold samples?
Will we need special licensing?

What is the difference between a contractor repairing damaged material, and mold ‘remediation’?

Perhaps you should read some of the threads here or contact the DBPR

Well, thanks for clarifying things Douglas. Really appreciate you sharing your vast expanse of knowledge.

I’m sure glad I can get such answers from learned professionals such as yourself.

No you will not be able to do air samples.
Remember it will take 3 to 4 weeks to qualify for a home inspector license and 3 to 4 years to qualify for a mold assessor license,

Happy? have a good weekend

Goly Gee Douglas, Thank you.

I appreciate the info. I rarely perform mold samples and fell that air samples especially should be left to the experts. I’ve seen too many HI use them to make an extra buck, and only succed in screwing everyone.

Have a great weekend.