Main disconnect question

Seeing a 1AWG amp Service conductor wire connected to a main disconnect rating at 200amps, would this be a problem ? Wouldn’t the conductor be to small ?

Is the main disconnect a 200 amp circuit breaker?

I don’t think so. It’s just a main disconnect. Here’s the picture.


It’s hard to tell from the photo but that does appear to be a 200 amp circuit breaker. If that is the service disconnect then your original assumption that the #1 Cu conductors are too small is correct. For a 200 amp service in a dwelling unit the minimum size SEC’s would be #2/0 Cu or #4/0 Al. DO you have a close up shot of the marking on the conductors?

I thought so. Thank you Robert for your response, appreciated!!

That is a panel, not a disconnect .

Actually it is a Panel Enclosure with a Main Breaker serving as the service disconnection means.

But an important lesson here is this, the image doesn’t show all the conductors so on the off change (just for educational purposes) the main breaker here may (could) serve as a disconnect only (while not required if the design is per 408.36 exceptions) the 1 AWG could be adequate if main breaker in this panel enclosure is simply an optional disconnect.

Of course we would need to know the number of conductors supplying it, determine the grounding and bonding separation (if evident) and so on, main bonding jumpers (which I can’t really tell because it’s blurry for me. But thats for another time and another session.

If this is indeed the “service equipment” and that is the “Service Disconnection Means” and so on then INDEED the 1 AWG is too small. Again unless it has an upstream 150A OCPD ahead of it and it is meeting all the rules within 310.15(B)(7), where applicable…ok going to far now on my assumptions.