Proper Amps to Main

Can someone help me out. On an inspection I did yesterday the Main service disconnect by the meter had a 100amp breaker. Then on the sub panel in garage the main disconnect had a 200amp breaker. What should I have listed the service amps as 100 or 200. Thanks for anyone’s help

The weakest link in the system 100 amp breaker = a 100 amp service

It’s 100 amp. They more than likely just used a bigger panel for the subpanel than needed for some reason. There should have been a breaker in the main that feeded that sub panel and that breaker size would be what the subpanel can handle as long as the wire size is correct.

So there is a 100 amp main disconnect at the meter and a panel in the garage fed from the 100 amp main disconnect?

Thanks guys I did put 100amp service on the report.

Yes as far as I could tell

Then your setup is fine. The 200 amp main CB in the panel could be omitted (MLO panel) unless the garage is a detached structure.

You need to take ALL of the INachi electrical courses, and few more, before you do any more home inspections.