Main electric panel grounding

Fellow InterNACHI members,

I recently performed a home inspection. During my visual inspection of the electrical panel with the cover removed I noticed the following:

  • Two or three wires connected together on the bus bar under the same screw
    *neutral and ground wires connected together under the same screw on the bus bar

My comments on the report were as follows:
Recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician as one or more neutral wires and ground wires at the main electric panel should be serviced. Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, bus bars are only designed for one current carrying conductor per terminating screw.

The Realtor later informed me that an electrician was called and he stated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that wiring installation in that electric box. Now I am labeled as not knowing anything related to the electrical system in a home. Is there a proper reporting procedure for something like this.
Javier Mojica NACHI17031306

408.41 Grounded Conductor Terminations. Each grounded conductor shall terminate within the panelboard in an individual terminal that is not also used for another conductor.

Read this thread it is more about sub panels…

We tell the buyer ahead of time the seller will probably find an electrician or code official that will say this is “OK” and then we put the code reference in the report. Some will even put it in writing for the seller.

Next time don’t tell them to get a second opinion to refute yours. Tell them what is wrong and that it should be repaired by a competent, licensed electrician.

For the current situation, advise your client to request the statement in writing, on business letterhead, signed by the electrician with his license number, just like you did with your report, so that your client can inquire about it with the licensing authority. See what kind of response they get then.