Main panel grounds & neutrals

Today’s inspection had this 200 amp panel. The left side is the neutral bus bar which is bonded. The bus bar on the right was not bonded and/or floating with both neutrals and grounds connected. At the bottom right, is a grounding bus bar, with grounds only, which was bonded. Now, all neutrals & grounds, at the main panel, need to be connected/on the same bus bar which is bonded to the enclosure, right? (or all grounds & neutrals need to connected and bonded to the enclosure) I realize the pic is a little difficult to see, but that’s all I have. Any help would be appreciated.


Yes, all grounded and grounding conductors are required to be bonded to the enclosure and the grounding electrode at the service equipment.

Jeff, I think you wanted to say “all grounded and grounding conductors are required to be bonded to the enclosure…”

Woops! Thanks for the catch :shock:

Josh; is this a manufactured home?


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Yes it was. An All American. Does that make a difference? I’ve never it quite seen a panel set up like this (even in other All Americans). I know they have to follow codes, so this is why I was kind of confused.

Often, in MFH’s, the service panel is separate from the home, making your panel a “sub” panel.

In such a case, only the grounding conductors (grounds) can be bonded to the panel. The grounded conductors (neutrals) must be isolated from the enclosure.

Where were the service entrance and meter?

Meter & underground service were outside directly behind this panel. This was no doubt the main disconnect/panel.

Attached to the structure?


Then, as stated before, all grounded and grounding conductors are required to be bonded to the enclosure and the grounding electrode.

Josh; All Americans are modular homes (not a mobile home) they follow the same electrical codes as if building a custom home, the main panel/load center should be bonded as Jeff posted.


HSS Property Inspection

It’s hard to determine by the picture but if it is the main panel I wouldn’t be surprised if at a closer look the neutral and grounding bars are connected by a bus going from left to right. If this is not the case then the bar on the right should not have had both neutrals and grounds attached. This is a common panel configuration.


I see a few problems.

If this is the main disconnecting means of the house then the main grounding conductor should be attached to the main neutral bar lug, I don’t see it. From this point there should be a bonding screw or jumper that goes to the panels enclosure. The neutral bars appear to be connected with a bar running behind the main breaker, they should be isolated from the enclosure and be connected by the bonding jumper only. Grounding conductors and grounded conductors can be either together on the neutral bar or the grounding conductors can go on the enclosure grounding bar. The neutrals or grounded conductors go on the neutral bars on either side of course.

There seems to be missing plastic bushings on the large conduits entering the panel.


Might want to suggest they IDENTIFY the grounded conductor properly as well. Last i checked it was to be White, Grey, Any Color other than green with (3) white stripes and you get where I am going.

Just remember at a Service Disconnection Means Panel Location = Neutrals ( Grounded ) and Grounding ( usually bare or green conductors ) bonded together.

Just remember at a Remote Distribution Panel ( Sub-Panel ) Location = Neutrals (Grounded) and Grounding ( usually bare or green conductors ) seperated. Grounding conductors bond to enclosure while the Grounded is isolated from the connection to the metal enclosure.

Any case to neutral connection in the panel system other than at the main service panel is considered a violation of the NEC. (In General ) since we do currently have a few places in the NEC we do allow this with still with some specific requirements but why go there…right…:wink:

Look at the upper right just off center of the top of the panel. Is that a grounding conductor for the steel frame that is run to a ground terminal down low on the right just below the white sticker behind other wires? If so, is the steel frame grounded to a ground rod?