Sub Panel Neutrals/Grounds

Inspected home built in 1988. Had 200 amp main and 60 amp sub panel next to main panel. My question pertains to neutrals and grounds in the sub panel. The neutrals and grounds are connected on the same bus in the sub. Shouldn’t there be a seperate bus for each and all the neutrals connected to one and all the grounds connected to one? I have attached a picture of the sub panel in question.

Unfortunately its not compliant. Since its fed with 3 wire SEU its an automatic giveaway. Also, it looks as though the neutral bar may not be bonded to the can, which is also an issue.

Yes they should be separate which would be impossible to do with only the 3 wire cable in the photo.

Based on the picture I supplied is the considered bonding the neutrals and grounds together?

Yes. They are bonded, which is improper.

The neutrals must remain isolated from the panel and the grounds must be bonded to the panel.