Main Panel in Condo +6 handles disconnect

Inspected condo in 30 story building built in 1990. Main panel in kitchen. Around 15 breakers and no main disconnect in panel. Should I write this up since it is more than 6 handles to disconnect power?
If so, would you share verbiage for input into report.

I seriously doubt that the service panel was in the kitchen. Most condos would have the service in a room with the meters.

I agree with Jim this is most likely a sub-panel and would not require a main if it falls under this exception.

As Jim said, It is very unlikely that the service panel is in the kitchen.

That’s the distribution panel in the kitchen. The service disconnect is in the electrical room.

You would be looking for something like this (this example in the underground garage)…

Since it’s not a service then no main or service disconnect is required within the panel. However unless if meets the exception the occupants of the dwelling are required to have access to the service disconnecting mens.