Main disconnect needed??

I did a 3yr old condo inspection this morning and the panel(Murray) did not have a main disconnect. Is this code? If so did it change in the last several years. There were more than six throws on the breakers which should require one. Any help would be appreciated!!


The service disconnect is not usually located within individual condominiums. Typically, each unit has a distribution panel inside, with a service disconnect located in a common room or exterior closet.

The panel should have been wired as a distribution panel rather than service equipment. Do you have any pictures?

It’s probably a sub panel…did you determine that?

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Yes, most of the time Condo’s have an outside distribution center or it can also be located in a basement or electrical vault. Check to see as Jeff stated if this panel is simply a “Remote” distribution panel…check the # of wires as well…may have other issues beyond that as well.

Thanks, Paul, Jeff and Larry…