Main Panel Question......

My voltage tester goes off when I touch the Dead front…
I still took it off…looked like some wire wires were touching the
back of the dead front…

Is this a concern? Should I recommend further evaluation by an


I wouldn’t. I would just try and move the wiring. As long as it is insulated and not in violation of any standards, I would just leave it as it is.

Thank you Russell.

First, and I’m sure most others would agree, I would not have taken off the cover or touched it for that matter, and would have recommended an electrician at that point.

Be careful David, it can be dangerous. I agree with John, if the electrical panel was energized I would not attempt to open, I would refer to a qualified electrician and point this out to my client during the inspection. You may have dodged the bullet this time, but may not be as lucky the next.

Ok thanks I didn’t want to say anything cause I am new guy and all but if my sniffer turns red I am not touching it. Not that I am telling you what to do or anything. Its dangerous though. Be careful

Some Testers are very sensitive .
I have one that can follow the wire up the Joice behind the plaster .
If you are nervous get some more training and get a good voltage meter to confirm the cover is hot or not.

Non-contact detectors will “sense” voltage from a distance. That distance may be measured in millimeters (conductor sheathing) and/or inches. Some are even adjustable. They are simply designed to tell you that high voltage is present in the area.

If you’re concerned with stray voltage on an enclosure, you should carry a volt-meter or “wiggy.”

If you ever actually find voltage on an enclosure, there are more issues than just a “live connection.” When properly bonded to the GE, voltage in contact with the enclosure will create a fault that will either trip a breaker or burn up the SEC. If neither of these conditions have occured, the voltage is “waiting” for a return path (a grounding connection), which could potentially be you.

And every one of them is dangerous and should not be used.

Unless the meter has a category rating marked or stamped on it then they should not be used according to OSHA and NFPA 70E

So if you don’t have a stamped meter, no electrical service should be opened?

I have two and a Wiggy and a couple of other testers.
If you do not have one I am surprised .
Every electrician I know has one and many other testers too.

No I do not have one and will not allow one to be brought on one of my jobs. they do not have a Category Rating on them so therefore they are not allowed.

any meter that I can rub aganist my hand and get a reading with is not a safe meter to use.

Fluke has at least one that is 1000v, Class IV rated.

That’s the one I use. I also carry this Fluke solenoid voltage tester.

The extra cost of a meter is not necessary. I just touch the panel and touch the nearest Realtor at the same time and watch his/her reaction. It has worked good for me so far, I have never gotten shocked yet using this method. When a Realtor does get shocked, I do not open the panel and just write it up in the report. That works good also because that Realtor cannot deny that they yelled when they got shocked. But everybody has their different methods.;-):mrgreen::shock: